Wild Roots
Reconnecting with the Natural World.  Rediscovering Yourself.  
About Nutmeg Baker
Nutmeg Baker is an Eco Therapist who created Wild Roots to help guide humanity back to their senses. As human animals, we have a rightful place amongst the natural world and this dizzying time for human history calls us to remember our roots. After a decade of training in Ecotherapy, Herbalism, and Indigenous Earth-Wisdom Healing practices, Nutmeg offers a gentle approach to feel, taste, touch, smell and see the natural world anew, revitalizing the wild nature within yourself. She is a mother, earth-activist, herbalist, moondancer, curator of women's circles and women's herbal events, and an artist with a passion for nature and all things living.    
Eco Therapy
What is Eco Therapy? 
Ecotherapy restores the human nature connection using nature-based methods as a powerful transformational process. Ecotherapy is an ancient method of healing and is documented across various cultures. Modern Ecotherapy blends psychology, horticulture, wilderness adventure, outdoor ceremonies,  rites of passage, ecolifestyle choices, art, music, literature and outdoor dance as means of healing. 

How can an Eco Therapist help me?
Preferably meeting outdoors (or even online can be effective), we identify your obstacles, self-imposed limitations, and life stressors. We find the parallels to how those relate to the natural world and "prescribe" approaches that shift consciousness and rewild our inner and outer worlds. 

Wild Roots Women's Herbal Gathering 
The first year of the Wild Roots Herbal Gathering was a sweet success. Fifty women gathered outdoors at the Kraaybeekerhof biodynamic farm to learn practical medicine making skills, herbal support for your time of bleeding, the cycles of life and death within the year and how that is reflected within our being, and how to deepen one's connection with the earth...just to name a few. 


The WRHG 2021 is already being planned only next year it will be a 3 day, 2 night women's campout July 2-4.

To stay in touch about registration for next year's event, sign-up below for updates.  

Check out the FB event page for this year's herbal gathering to see pictures, learn more about what happened, who taught a class, and what inspired me to create such an event.  

Get in touch with your wild roots!
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